July 2004 – Serene Lake Backpacking

Date of Hike: July 2004
Location of Hike: Serene Lake and Grouse Point Trails
Trail Number: 512, 517
Weather during Hike: Warm
Hiking Buddies: Alan, Alex, Dylan and Nick
Hike Distance: 17 miles  
Pictures: Link
Description of Hike:
A weekend backpack trip to Serene Lake. Since we didn’t want to take the really bumpy road to Frazier turnaround, we decided to come up from Shellrock lake. This way adds about 3 miles to the trip, but is easier on the cars. Once into the lake, we camped at the really nice campsite on the west shore of the lake. The mosquitoes were TERRIBLE. The fishing, however was very good. I caught a couple of brook trout in the lake. Not too big, but they were fun to catch and release. We took a day trip up to Cache Meadow where the mosquitoes were even worse. We saw the burned shelter at Cache Meadow. The camping area is very nice with a very stout picnic table and good, flat, clear areas to setup tents.

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