This site was created so that I could record my hiking experiences. I really enjoy hiking and exploring the trails of the Clackamas District of the Mt Hood National Forest as well as a few trails in other areas. I find the trails in the Clackamas District more to my liking since they are less used, more remote, offer more solitude and some very beautiful scenery. I’m not a very good writer, but I record what I think about and remember on my hikes. Many times my descriptions are rather rambling, but I guess that is how I think. I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings as much as I enjoy exploring these trails.

My Father, who passed away in 2010 gave me the following quote (written on Idaho Senator Frank Church’s tombstone), which I really like:

“Don’t forget to spend some time in nature, Where you can bear witness to the wonder of God”.

The full quote is this: “I never knew anyone who felt self-important in the morning after spending the night in the open on an Idaho mountainside under a starstudded summer sky. Don’t forget to spend some time in nature, where you can bear witness to the wonder of God.” Wise words for future generations.

For lots of information about the trails in the Clackamas District, go to the Trail Advocate website.

If you just want to see pictures of my hikes, you can go here.

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