5/28/2007 – Fish Creek Mountain

Date of Hike: 5/28/2007
Location of Hike: Fish Creek Mountain
Trail Number: 541
Weather during Hike: Foggy, then sunny and warm
Hiking Buddies: Carly and Bodie (my dog)
Start Time: 10:45 AM  End Time: 3:15 PM
Hike Distance: 7  
Pictures: Link
Description of Hike:
I now have another favorite to add to my list of trails in the Clackamas district…… The hike started out with some clouds (fog), but cleared up nicely as the day wore on. By the time we reached the summit, one side had burned off, but the other side was still fogged in. During the hike up, we actually hiked through the clouds! The trail is a little faint in spots, but it is well flagged. It is a pretty good climb, but the views are AWESOME! Unfortunately, we were unable to make it to the lake. (high lake, just below the summit) We missed the trail junction on the way up due to a downed tree over the junction, but saw it on the way back down. We were pretty tired, though, and decided not to go down to the lake. WHAT A VIEW!!!!

And this trail goes through some really nice old timber, as well as being able to explore a bit of interesting history.

A couple of other notes of interest:

  • There was virtually no snow on the trail or at the summit (even though it was 5100′!)
  • There were quite a few trees down over the trail, but only a few were rough going. There are a couple of spots where there are 2 or 3 trees down in the same area (my daughter counted over 40 trees down)

This will definitely be on my short list of favorite trails….

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