9/18/2010 – Signal Buttes

Date of Hike: 9/18/2010
Location of Hike: Cougar Creek Trail over to Signal Buttes
Weather during Hike: Rainy and windy on the buttes
Hiking Buddies: Kirk and Don
Start Time: 11:30 AM  End Time: 2:30 PM
Hike Distance: 3.5 miles  
Pictures: Link
Description of Hike:
This was a very short, very wet hike down a very short section of the Cougar Creek trail and then bushwhacking over to Signal Buttes. It was a very rainy day, but even with the rain, we were able to have a decent view from the top of the Buttes. There was also some very interesting rock formations between the buttes that we investigated. One of the most interesting things I found was how deceiving the distances were. The rock formations didn’t look that big, or that far away, but it took us quite a while to get down the butte and out to them. They had these interesting rock formations – Kirk decided to climb one of them:

They were considerably larger than we had expected. All in all a great day, even though we got wet.

We finished up the day by visiting Fearless Brewing in Estacada for the fall release of their “Strong Scotch Ale”.

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