4/5/2006 – Fish Creek

Date of Hike: 4/5/2006
Location of Hike: Fish Creek
Weather during Hike: Sunny
Start Time: 9:15 AM  End Time: 3:00 PM
Hike Distance: 10  
Pictures: Link
Description of Hike:
Left the house about 8:30, got to trailhead about 9:15. Beautiful day, but a little cool when I first started. First real hike with my new GPS-Garmin Gecko 101. Pretty cool to see elevations and how far I’ve gone. When I get back home, I’ll check the coordinates against the maps I have. Stopped for lunch about 11:30 at 4.6 miles (according to my GPS). Got to see sign with old roads/trails at 2nd bridge.

Took a few pictures, but my camera battery didn’t get charged, and I need to buy more batteries for my camcorder…..

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